series Secrets

b. A succession of unique plans offered as portions of a unified whole, including the list of episodes of the television show or even a podcast.

On the flip side, In case the sequence of partial sums will not converge to a Restrict (e.g., it oscillates or strategies ), the series is claimed to diverge. An illustration of a convergent series could be the geometric series

ordering, ordination, purchase - rational or comprehensible arrangement of separate factors; "we shall take into consideration these issues while in the inverse get in their presentation"

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An incorrect guess or landing over a penalty Room (Bankrupt or Get rid of a Change) brought about Charge of the wheel to move to another contestant.

While it may be tough to calculate analytical expressions for arbitrary convergent infinite series, lots of algorithms can deal with many different common series kinds.

A group of rock formations closely linked in time of origin and unique as a gaggle from other formations.

See much more synonyms on 1. Series, sequence, succession are conditions for an orderly adhering to of things one particular following An additional. Series is applied to several factors of precisely the same type, usually associated to one another, arranged or happening as a way: a series of baseball game titles.

electrochemical series, electromotive force series, electromotive series - here a serial arrangement of metallic aspects or ions according to their electrode potentials determined less than specified conditions; the purchase shows the inclination of one steel to lessen the ions of any other steel underneath it from the series

Residence online video games - from electronic hand-held models to cartridges and CD-ROMs for units that connect with Tv set - have also been hugely preferred (and possess found, As well as subsequent editions with much more puzzles and classes, Particular editions for children and sports admirers).

A series is really an infinite ordered list of conditions blended jointly because of the addition operator. The time period "infinite series" is sometimes utilized to emphasize the fact that series contain an infinite quantity of conditions.

electronics - the branch of physics that discounts Along with the emission and outcomes of electrons and with using Digital units

train, string - a sequentially requested set of items or situations or Concepts where Every single successive member is linked to the preceding; "a string of islands"; "teach of mourners"; "a teach of believed"

series - a gaggle of postage stamps having a typical topic or a gaggle of cash or currency chosen as a group for study or assortment; "the Publish Office issued a series commemorating popular American entertainers"; "his coin assortment involved the entire series of Indian-head pennies"

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